A refresh that is accompanied by the introduction of a hybrid model has done plenty of good for the Toyota RAV4. The SUV has now overtaken the Honda CR-V as the top-selling SUV in the US.

Given that an electrified model proved a boon, Toyota is considering a performance model for the RAV4.

Slapping on some TRD works on the Toyota Tacoma managed to draw many applauds, though there were some doubts about it. Who knows what TRD could sprinkle on the SUV? As reported by Carscoops, the General Manager of Toyota stated that “[it] would be awesome” for a special production RAV4 crafted by TRD.

Instead of a rough-and-tumble model that was made of the Tacoma pickup, the SUV would likely adopt a sporty appearance that is made for the track. Judging by what is available to be worked on, our best guess is that a 2017 Toyota RAV4 TRD model is going to appeal to a rather small subset of fans.

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