There are more than a few good reasons to be in awe of the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro lineup, especially when you’re a fan of gritty pickups that can tackle the roughest terrains with grace. The Tacoma isn’t a top-seller for nothing.

One particular aspect that makes the special badge of this truck so, well, special is that it has a love for the old-school manifested in the form of a six-speed manual transmission option.

As an alternative to the six-speed auto, the Tacoma’s stick shift is an option that’s difficult to find in equivalent models of mid-size pickup rivals, if there are any at all. It’s robust and performs admirably even in the most exacting circumstances.

The only catch is that those who opt to row their own gears would miss out on plenty, namely Crawl Control and Multi-Terrain Select. These two are essential for anyone fond of mud-busting, dirt-running goodness in their off-roader.

Toyota Tacoma’s Crawl Control helps with tricky situations

Multi-Terrain Select brings the most out of the Tacoma’s versatility, helping it surmount all sorts of terrain, while Crawl Control allows drivers to circumnavigate nature’s haphazard hurdles by focusing on purely on the steering wheel while the truck handles everything else.

But all is not lost by playing stick with the Tacoma, as it has an exclusive feature called clutch start cancel that lets drivers start the truck in gear so that it doesn’t roll backwards (or forward) whilst dealing with steep inclines and dangerous hills.

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