Alfa Romeo has affirmed that there would be two trim levels for its US Giulia sedan; a 280hp base model and a 505hp Quadrifoglio. It is likely that the automaker may produce another model to fit right between these two models and it could be the 350hp Giulia Veloce.

The 350hp Giulia was initially discovered by Squadra Tuning, a Dutch tuning firm, early this year, as reported by Autoevolution. The publication had also posted an image of an internal document that the Giulia Veloce, with four-cylinder worth 350hp and with an AWD setup, will soon be making its way to North America.

This is quite odd as the European market already has a Giulia Veloce model, boasting a more luxurious trim level with an eight-speed automatic and AWD, yet lacking in any performance updates.

However, it is still likely for Alfa to produce a mid-point model between the entry level Giulia and the Quadrofoglio. The 350hp Veloce would be a direct level to the 354hp Audi S4, the 362hp Mercedes-AMG C43, and the 320hp BMW 340i.

Similar to the US Quadrifoglio, the Veloce will not be coming with a manual transmission, based on the documents exposed by Autoevolution. This puts it on par to all its German competitors except for the BMW.

Well, this is merely speculations for now as the officials have yet to confirm anything. And seeing that Alfa is known to alter US-market plans at the final moments, we’ll just have to wait until the Veloce makes its way to dealers.

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