Just because it didn’t arrive at the start, doesn’t mean it won’t further down the road. The 2017 Audi A4 exemplifies that statement, as it initially offered no transmission option apart from a seven-speed DCT. Now, a six-speed manual has been made available.

Audi is offering the stick shift with enthusiasts in mind. Rather than leave it in as an option for the entry-level FWD model that delivers only 190hp, the transmission is exclusive to the Quattro AWD Premium trim model that churns out 252hp.

That’s not all – those who choose the manual-equipped trim would also have the option of a Sports Plus package that would add a little extra cost to the Audi A4 Premium that goes for $40,350.

The package throws in a few goodies from the Audi S4, which includes brushed aluminum interior trim, sports seats, flat-bottomed steering, special 18-inch wheels, and adaptive suspension, among others.

Seeing that the Audi has opened up features from the Audi S4 to the non-performance model, it’s not hard to imagine that the S4 would also take from the A4, specifically the six-speed stick shift gearbox. The option eventually arrived despite initial suggestions of the contrary, so it’s not too late to rule out anything.

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