The latest Chevrolet Malibu is a mighty fine midsized sedan but only if you can look past the ‘real people’ ads and GM’s provocative way of marketing the vehicle. The new Malibu is offered with a variety of trims and they are all rated highly by major reviewers.

At the moment, the Malibu is doing fine on the sales front although it is still not a good as the Honda Accord. The latter is now sitting on second place on the overall sales charts and there is a massive gap separating the Japanese flagship sedan with the Malibu.

This is quite a shocker, especially if you are to consider that the Accord is now viewed as an aging car and it desperately needs an update. Honda has already commenced developing an upgraded Accord and the car is expected to arrive before 2019.

The future Accord, like the tenth generation Civic, will arrive with a brand new turbocharged engine that can offer the best balance in power and fuel economy. There may also be a hybrid trim and the base model will be relying on a naturally aspirated V6.

Seeing that Honda has got a habit for wowing the consumers with every new generation model launch, we can expect a similar outcome with the next Accord. Perhaps this will wake the Malibu up into realizing that the real people testimony is the biggest joke around.

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