Ford’s announcement of new but vague crossover plans over the next several years has left fans of the Ford Bronco frantically looking for answers.

Whereas most others try to infer its revival from all sorts of tenuously linked information, some dream up the vehicle in digital form.

One such person is Michael Stone Clark, a graphic designer who earlier this year created some mouthwatering Bronco renders and is back to keep the dream alive with a potential design of the Ford Bronco SVT Raptor (pictured above).

To take things further, Clark posted a design of a SuperCab version of the Bronco Raptor, which stretches back to accommodate more passengers and luggage. It looks like the ideal desert road trip beast.

Ford Bronco SVT Raptor SuperCab

Ford Bronco SVT Raptor SuperCab (Photo Credit: Road And Track)

Anyway, back to reality. In slightly related news the Ford F-150 Raptor is set to make its way to China alongside the Ford Focus RS hot hatch. After the overwhelming success of the Ford Mustang abroad, Blue Oval has decided that more Ford Performance models should take on the world.

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