Make no mistake, when the Ford Bronco arrives in 2018 it will soon be followed by a Ford Performance version that wears a Raptor badge.

Following the current F-150 SVT Raptor, it may abandon the V8 engine of old, but it would be hot enough to positively rattle the Jeep Wrangler.

Michael Stone Clark, the same designer who at the start of this year crafted some gorgeous renders of the future Bronco, has posted up some very feasible Bronco Raptor renders that could preview what the Wrangler would be up against.

Besides one standard model of the two-door performance SUV, there is another SuperCab model render that comes with a longer wheelbase and more space.

If the next-gen Wrangler intends to keep up with the Bronco, it needs to offer a Trackhawk model that doesn’t necessarily have to use a Hellcat drivetrain, but needs to equal the aggression of its future rival.

As things currently stand, the apparent plan from Blue Oval is bring the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger back at the same time to be manufactured in its Michigan plant. Jeep on the other hand is reserving its Toledo plant all for its halo model.

Although it is set to adopt a new 300hp Hurricane engine, introduce a pickup variant, and bring a diesel powertrain into the US, there is no word yet of a Trackhawk model in the pipeline for the Wrangler.

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