The spotlight may be on the highly-anticipated Dodge Challenger Demon but Ford is also hard at work on a brand new Shelby Mustang GT500.

Ford promises that its upcoming GT500 will be the most potent Mustang ever; but, will it be able to take on a car that is said to be stronger than even the Hellcat?

So far, it has already been confirmed that the Challenger Demon will a whole lot lighter but with more power than the Challenger Hellcat. Although the exact details haven’t been released, many reports are stating that the model will be offering over 900hp and it will only have one seat.

Meanwhile, the Mustang GT500’s spy shots suggest that this model will be equipped with a powerful V8 mill, capable of over 700hp. The Mustang will also weigh less as its exterior is made out of aluminum that merges well with carbon fiber.

It’s difficult to pick out a winner right now as both Ford and FCA haven’t disclosed the specifications of their upcoming models. That said, we are nearing the official debut of the Challenger Demon and the Shelby GT500 and so, the wait shouldn’t be too long now.

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