Ford has more plans for the return of its mid-size Ranger pickup to the US that simply selling it to eager consumers. It is going to be one of three rugged vehicles that will be bought brand-new from the US Special Operations Command.

The other two involved are the Toyota Hilux pickup and Toyota Land Cruiser in a deal worth about $170 million with the Battelle Memorial Institute.

All three models would be equipped with much tougher military-grade hardware, better brakes and suspension, as well as advanced communications equipment.

Despite being slated for arrival to the US market in 2018, the Ranger is a common sight in the international market. Outside the US, it’s one of the most sought after pickups around. The same can be said about the Hilux and Land Cruiser.

This is to allow troops to blend in with the crowd of on-road traffic instead of standing out with Hummers and whatnot. While Ford and Toyota are going to provide the vehicles, Battelle would be mostly responsible with the rest of the add-ons.

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