The Honda Accord may be losing to the Civic when the latter arrives bearing a whole new upgrade. The Civic boasts a wider body with a spacious interior and this time, it has come closer to the Accord than any of its predecessors.

The sibling rivalry is heating up and the Accord will need to up its game if it doesn’t want to be sidetracked by the Civic. One way is to offer a wider body, just like it sibling; but, will this be appealing to consumers?

Some fans have disclosed that the Accord is good as it is and making it wider will only end up making the model bulkier. However, since the Civic has grown bigger, staying stagnant with its size isn’t an viable option for the Accord anymore.

Seeing that the 2018 Honda Accord is slated to be sharing the same platform along with the same engine with the Civic, we can expect to see the Accord tuned to churn out way more power than the Civic.

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