In a matter of months from now, Honda will start delivering the 2018 Accord and this is expected to give the declining midsized sedan market a huge uplift. For us, we are interested to see how the Accord is received by the public, especially with a complete turbocharged line-up.

Unlike how it was with its predecessor, the new Accord is not offered with a single naturally aspirated mill. The base trim will rely on a 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that is sourced from the tenth generation Civic and it is expected to develop 190hp. The upper trims, on the other hand, will run on a Civic Type R-sourced 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.

The name Type R managed to add a lot of excitement for the next Accord but the hype immediately went away when Honda revealed that the mill is detuned to offer only 252hp and 273ft-lbs of torque. The retuned mill comes with the focus of greatly boosting fuel economy but Honda has yet to release the EPA figures just yet.

Even so, the reveal already created an air of disappointment surrounding the Accord, especially when knowing that the new Camry is able to offer more power and impressive fuel economy from a naturally aspirated mill.

Many can agree that the midsized sedan segment is failing due to the lack of exciting offerings and the upcoming Accord is unlikely to fix that. This is unless Honda creates a surprise and offer the Accord with SH-AWD or RWD. Now that would be something.

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