Not many people might have known it but among the list of optional features that the Jaguar F-Pace will be getting, the heated windshield option is one of them.

As the name would suggest, the feature will allow users to heat up the windshield which can come in handy if you live in cold areas but you might want to take note of the issues that some people face when they do decide to get the feature.

According to the users, the lines on the windshield that the system used to heat up the windshield can be quite noticeable and some people are saying that it can be very distracting and annoying once you start to notice it.

However, there were others that say that they eventually got used to it and they don’t really notice it is there now. Most people do seem to appreciate the feature and would not mind dealing with its lines if it means the windshield is clear and visible during the colder seasons.

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