The Jaguar XJ has not been given a real update for a long time so we are happy that Jaguar finally felt like it was time for the XJ to get a proper update.

According to Autocar, the new Jaguar XJ would be making its debut later this year but that is not the most exciting thing about the upcoming XJ. The report also added that the new Jaguar XJ might actually be coming in with an all-electric platform. If that is true, that means the 2018 model could be coming in to compete with models like the Tesla Model S.

We know that Jaguar has already made it clear that they plan to electrify all their new vehicles after 2020 so their interest in turning the XJ into an electric vehicle should not be that shocking. There are not many details about what the Jaguar XJ would be offering now but we do know that the vehicle will be co-developed with a model called the Road Rover, an electric engine powered high riding sedan or wagon.

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