Jeep would be silly to use a modern approach in bringing back the Jeep Wagoneer in 2018 to accompany the Jeep Grand Wagoneer and compete with the Range Rover. In fact, it was around before the Range Rover was even conceived.

Amidst all the special edition Jeep models that showed up at the Geneva Auto Show the Wagoneer stood out, in a good way.

Jeep didn’t bother to redefine the luxury SUV or modernize it other than wiping the dust off and polishing it up for the showcase in Switzerland.

And people loved it, proving that its vintage charm can help it succeed in an exacting automotive industry.

There aren’t many (if any) three-row SUVs today that have the kind of old-school debonair poise that the Wagoneer boasts. Unlike the Grand Wagoneer, this smaller sibling isn’t exactly well-covered in regards to its return, though FCA boss Sergio Marchionne has more or less confirmed it when talking about the Grand Wagoneer.

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