Spy shots and renders appearing on the web stands as evidence that the next-gen Jeep Wrangler, dubbed Wrangler JL, will not be venturing further in the looks department. Mike Manley, Jeep’s boss, has made this loud and clear early this year.

This is one automaker that is actually listening to its consumers, aside from the fact that the Wrangler nameplate is not something you could play around with.

Consumers seem to love the way it is and would be more than happy to see the off-roader maintaining its existing styling.

Although FCA may mess up in other aspects, catering to consumer’s wants is definitely not one of the. Why else do you think we’re going to be graced with a Hellcat-powered Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2018? And, what about the sedans ceasing production in the automaker’s lineup?

The company is merely listening to consumer’s wishes. When folks demanded more crossovers, the Jeep Renegade and Compass was launched. When they wanted more mid-size pickup trucks, Jeep started working on a Wrangler Pickup and when that’s not enough, the company worked on a mid-size Ram, as well.

So, don’t expect to see the next-gen Wrangler to be any different, in regards to its design. And, that would probably be a good thing as the Wrangler already looks dashing as it is.

But, look out for a much lighter and a more secured driving experience as well as a boost in power measuring up to 300 horsepower via a turbo-four along with a hybrid option.

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