If there is one strong reason for the Ford Bronco to make a return, it is surely the Jeep Wrangler. The household off-road nameplate has been most left to compete directly with no other in the market.

Jeep’s plans for a mild hybrid and diesel variant for the Wrangler also shows that demand for off-road SUVs is getting better, meaning that Ford will be missing out on a lot by leaving out the Bronco in future plans.

Since the nameplate is sufficiently popular, there isn’t the worry that it won’t gain any traction with consumers. In fact, many people will be curious to see how it fares against the Wrangler.

It would also heat up the competition sufficiently to keep FCA on its toes so that the Wrangler is built better. All that could be required is a nicely priced Bronco against the Wrangler, which usually gets expensive with add-ons, to spark a great contest between both nameplates.

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