A trip to Europe can open your eyes to a different automotive landscape as the old Continent is full of hatchbacks and wagons. These are segments that are not very common here in the US, especially wagons.

So when one of our readers shared his gallery of cars spotted in Europe with us, we can’t help but to remain glued at a photo of the Mazda 6 Wagon. The Mazda 6, on its own, is a great midsized sedan which you can buy and we can’t imagine how it will be like with the wagon trim.

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The car looks beautiful and the stretched back can free up more cargo space thus boosting practicality. It is something which we believe will be nice to have but it just won’t happen here in the US.

This cannot be helped as Mazda must have been traumatized by the number of wagons sold in the past. Mazda has attempted to sell the Mazda 6 Wagon in the US about a decade ago and the result was a total of 8 units sold.

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