The first-gen Nissan Leaf was pretty much an oddball – it came with some bug eyes, sans grille and it had an overall weird shape. Many folks were open with their dislike toward this model’s offbeat looks.

Most people wanted a compact zero-emissions vehicle without the weirdness and it looks like Nissan may be finally giving fans what they really want.

Judging from the spy shots, the upcoming Leaf will be featuring Nissan’s signature V-motion grille as well as the forward-facing eyes.

The latest Leaf will be sporting much more distinct lines with more defined edges. However, Nissan has left the model’s overall profile and back end the same as the first-gen Leaf.

It’s true that electric vehicles have been slowly growing in popularity but not many are keen on purchasing one. With the Leaf looking more like a normal vehicle, there are bound to be more folks interested in it which could drastically increase its sales.

Well, do you think Nissan has finally nailed the subtle EV look for its 2018 Leaf? And, do you think this will aid in the model achieving a wider reach?

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