The 2018 Nissan Leaf was recently spotted doing its round of tests over on the roads in Europe. Despite under heavy not-so-typical camouflage, the 2018 model appears to have adopted a more conventional styling.

This model shares many similarities to the 2015 IDS concept, especially in its headlights and the hood’s central indentation. Its taillights also appear to be borrowed from the IDS concept.

On top of that, it is also said that the Leaf may be doubling its battery capacity to 60kWh which will be able to support travel for more than 200 miles between charges.

However, the IDS concept was pretty eccentric while this model seems to be a little toned down. The prototype seems to be less quirky and folks appears to love it.

A survey through the various threads over on Reddit show that people are actually liking this “normalcy” on the prototype. Some even said that they preferred this styling over the new Hondas and Toyotas.

That’s not all – a Redditor who used to look at the Leaf as the ugliest car ever designed has now been converted into a Leaf-lover, all thanks to this spy shots of the upcoming Nissan.

Expect to see the all-new Nissan Leaf making its official debut some time in September with sales kicking off by the end of this year.

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