It’s often been the case that EVs tend to look different from the typical cars on the streets. Automakers are responsible for this as it is them that associates EVs with being distinct or unique but, unfortunately, not many folks are keen on driving an oddball around.

Hate it or love it, the first-gen Nissan Leaf was quite weird looking. The model featured some bug eyes with no grille and it had an overall odd shape. Many folks didn’t like this offbeat look and voiced out that all they wanted was a compact zero-emissions vehicle minus the weirdness.

We’ll have to give some props to Nissan for listening as its second-gen Leaf will be giving fans what they want. Based on spy shot of the Leaf, the revamped hatch appears to have the company’s trademark V-motion grille and forward-facing eyes.

So, instead of the flowing outlook of the predecessor, the all-new Leaf will be sporting a much more distinct lines along with defined edges. That said, it looks like the automaker has left its profile and rear-end untouched from the first-gen.

EVs are slowly gaining recognition but not many are open to it just yet – having it look like normal vehicle should help it reach a wider target and, simultaneously, boost its sales.

It sure looks like Nissan has taken some cues from the Chevy Bolt; but will the Leaf be able to challenge the Bolt with almost 250 miles on a single charge when it’s reported that the Leaf will only return close to 200 miles of range?

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