Smaller half-tonne pickup trucks from the global market may not be looking to compete in the US, save for the Ford Ranger; and mid-size pickups in the US can’t be compared to their international coequals, such as the case with the Toyota Tacoma and Hilux.

So it’s quite interesting that FCA intends to take its pickup truck business across the pond with hopes of winning over European consumers, though it doesn’t seem a bright idea to try marketing the Ram 1500 in a region that favors smaller vehicles.

This lends credence to rumors that Fiat or Ram mid-size pickup could be in the works to take on the likes of the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, and Volkswagen Amarok. The Navara-based Renault Alaskan and Mercedes GLT are also set to join the fray.

For now, FCA is looking to collect customer and media feedback on a decked out Ram 1500 that it showcased at the IAA Hannover show in Germany just recently.

Hopefully the automaker’s market analysis would lead it to creating and offering a mid-size Ram 1500 offshoot to accompany the upcoming Jeep Wrangler Pickup a few years down the line. These are exciting times we live in.

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