Aside from the Model 3, Tesla is also slated to release a compact crossover derived from the same platform, called the Model Y. This model is said to be far cheaper than Tesla’s existing products.

The Model 3 will most likely be around $37,000 while the Model Y is said to be a little more higher. The latter will probably be unveiled some time next year and production will be kicked off later in the year.

Although there isn’t much that has been said about specifications of the Model Y, it’s likely that the automaker will throw in the same tophinged ‘falcon wing’ rear doors as the Model X SUV.

The Model Y will also support complete autonomous driving capability with its updated electrical architecture. Musk states that this new architecture has a brain that is “40 times” more powerful compared to the ones on the previous Teslas. Musk even calls this new feature a “supercomputer inside the car.”

Aside that, the Model Y, as well as the Model 3, will be facing a challenge in trying to balanc their low prices against the need for a battery that is capable of offering substantial range.

The Model Y would likely get the falcon wing doors of the Model X, but the question is whether Tesla has learned enough from the Model X mistakes to not mess up the smaller Model Y.

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