It has been more than 15 years since we’ve last seen the Toyota Supra, so reports of its revival would definitely invite plenty of attention from the automotive crowd.

While fans are eagerly anticipating its return, they aren’t too happy with how Toyota has gone about bringing it back. They want it to be a purely Toyota effort, not a joint program with another automaker.

But Toyota is no stranger to partnering with another car maker for a sporty ride, most notably its joining forces with Subaru for the 86/BRZ that is also preparing for a return.

That other automaker is BMW, which is using this partnership to introduce its successor to the faltering BMW Z4, reportedly called the Z5. Fans of this roadster, however, aren’t too perturbed by Bimmer’s decision to collaborate for this comeback.

Anyway, the latest news regarding the BMW-Toyota endeavor is the decision to build both the Supra and Z5 in Austria with Bimmer’s long-standing contract partner Magna Styer given manufacturing responsibility.

There aren’t any confirmed details regarding the hardware on both vehicles at the moment, but they are expected to be RWD-based and managed by a manual gearbox.

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