The release of the second-gen Honda Ridgeline is not jeopardizing the Toyota Tacoma’s popularity and it’s evident that the vehicle will not be backing down anytime soon.

Of recent, the Nissan Frontier appeared as a real threat with its improved sales figures but the Tacoma remains strong at the top.

However, the Tacoma did see a 43 percent decline in its market share from its 51 percent last year. On top of that, shortage of supply may end up bringing the Tacoma down in 2017.

Prior to the launch, the company had secured a lot of supply yet its demand seemed to fall short of its production capability.

In order to increase it production by 60 percent, Toyota has plans to wire $150 million in Tijuana, Mexico. But this may not be all that helpful as results can only be observed by the end of 2017. This means it would have to go through most of next year with little supply.

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