General Motors decision to realize the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Concept by bringing it into production thrilled many pickup fans. This is especially since there would finally be an alternative to the Toyota Tacoma TRD series.

As the mid-size pickup segment is already crowded and the Ford Ranger is slated to enter in 2018, Toyota is expected to be retaliating against this in its own way.

The rumor mill is churning out news that there could be a diesel powertrain added into the mix for the next-gen Toyota Tacoma as a response to the ZR2 barging into TRD Pro territory. Till now, the 2.8-liter Duramax diesel engine offered in the Chevy Colorado does not have an equal match in the Tacoma lineup.

It’s pretty difficult to fight against the ZR2 because it does sound reasonable from a financial point. The Tacoma is way ahead of the Colorado and the TRD series make up about 40 percent of the truck’s overall sales. Consumers are clamoring for more hardcore off-road beasts.

If the Tacoma really does get a diesel option, another predicament arises: how would it challenge the Duramax engine worth 369lb-ft torque and more than 30mpg of fuel economy?

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