In the US mid-size pickup market, the Toyota Tacoma isn’t losing any popularity with the introduction of the second-gen Honda Ridgeline, nor is it showing signs of allowing the Chevy Colorado to put a dent in its dominance of the burgeoning segment.

The dusty Nissan Frontier has renewed itself as a real threat in recent months through dramatically improved sales figures, but the Tacoma is still unshaken as it remains perched on the highest branch.

However, the Toyota truck has had some of its market share annexed by its rivals as it falls to 43 percent through August from 51 percent in the corresponding period last year. And for 2017, insufficient supply may end up as the cause of its own troubles.

Prior to the launch of its 2016 revamp, Toyota had prepared plenty of supply for the Tacoma to hit the ground running, but its popularity has seen it reach the limits of its production capacity.

The automaker is pouring in $150 million in Tijuana, Mexico to boost the truck’s capacity by 60 percent, but the increase would only take effect in late 2017 in the soonest, which means that it would have to go through most of next year with supply constraints.

But the production boost is not merely to maintain the Tacoma’s lead against its current rivals. The imminent arrival of the 2018 Ford Ranger would see Toyota contend against one the closest rival of its global sibling, the Toyota Hilux, which is probably going to be the sternest challenge it would face in a long time.

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Alan · September 17, 2016 at 6:54 am

Well, if Ford uses their 3.2 litre 5 cylinder diesel that they use overseas then Toy, GM, Nissan have much to worry about. I know, I own one in Fiji. The ranger was developed in the outback of Australia. Its a beast. The Toy really can’t compete. The new Toyota Hilux would be a closer match but Toyota will never bring that over to the States. The Colorado’s 2.8 duramax is no match the 3.2 that ford makes. The ford has a stronger chassis, better off road ride and road manners. Can’t wait until they bring it back to the states.

As for the Nissan, I can’t believe they are seeing a sales bump. In the states its has a 11 year old design. Has a terrible ride and the engine is very old.. not remotely a modern one with horrible mpg. The 4.0 V6 is the same as in my 2005 pathfinder. Not a horrible motor back in 05. But for today, its a joke. Pretty much any full size GM or Ford pickup will beat the MPG easily then the Nissan and provide a ton more power and torque doing it. The Nissan is an embarrassment to Nissan. The Ranger is the only Mid size that has a good chance of bumping off the Tacoma as the leader in the US market. Its the best product Ford makes.

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