Volkswagen dropped its latest ad for its all-new 2018 Atlas and the company cheekily hinted that folks should be making more babies as their Atlas will be able to accommodate an entire family comfortably.

In the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas ad, we are presented with a couple who keeps upgrading their car with every addition to their family. Many folks were smitten with this ad and felt that this was one of the better ads they have seen in a long time.

Despite the ad being pretty interesting, a Redditor felt that a seven-seater mover may be too big for most families these days. This is especially since most younger generation folks aren’t keen on having a big family due to the rising cost of living of recent years.

Well, we want to know what you think of Volkswagen’s latest ad – love it or hate it; spill them all below!

The 2108 Volkswagen Atlas, a seven-seater model, comes with a base 2.0L four-cylinder turbocharged mill, capable of producing 235 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. This model comes with a second-row seats which can tilt and fold for ease of access to the third-row. On top of that, these seats can slide forward almost 8-inches, allowing much more room for the riders at the back.

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