When Alfa Romeo launch the Stelvio Quadrifoglio model, they also announce that the Alfa Romeo 4C would be coming next year as a 2019 model. So what can we expect to see when the 2019 Alfa Romeo 4C arrive?

Well, we know that the vehicle will still be coming without its manual transmission. This won’t be a surprise to many since more and more performance model are coming in without a manual option. This was after more than a few manufacturer has reported that despite all the demands for manual transmission, most of their customers will choose automatic at the end of the day.

Many believe that Alfa Romeo will work on reducing the carbon-fiber on the vehicle and also upgrade the suspension and power steering of the 4C. At this point, there is not a whole lot of information but hopefully, we will hear more about the sports car as Alfa Romeo prepares to launch it next year.

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