Audi put all their attention on the Audi Q8 but now that that vehicle is out, Audi is ready to focus on the Audi A1 now and they are starting things out with the release of a new teaser for the vehicle.

The new teaser is more of a gif and while it does not reveal much about the exterior, they did show us some new details about the interior more specifically the new digital instrument cluster and the touchscreen MMI display.

From what we can see, there will be an automatic climate control system controlled by the chromed knobs and a small display for the temperature setting. The vehicle was also fitted with heated seats.

The new teaser also showed that the vehicle will get a third display like the Audi A6, Audi A7, and Audi A8. Details like the engine performance is also still a mystery but we should be learning more about it later this year.

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