Audi is working on the new 2019 Audi A1which will be arriving this year. Although we will have to wait until Audi officially announces the vehicle, these new spy shots should give us an idea of what to expect from Audi this time around.

Based on what we can see from the latest spy images, it looks like the vehicle will be coming with a familiar design but it will also be getting some upgrades like the wider grille in the front, new headlights restyled mirrors and more.

In the back, the Audi A1 will also be fitted with a more muscular rear fender. The longer rear door does also suggest that the new Audi A1 could be a longer model. The taillight is also new.

It is speculated that the Audi A1 could be fitted with an MMI infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The vehicle could be coming with a few engine options including the turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine that will be offering about 113hp. Other options could include the turbocharged 1.5 liters four-cylinder or the turbocharged 2.0 four cylinders.

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