Things have not been looking great for the Cadillac this last year or so as their sales number dropped drastically. There is more than one reason why that is happening to the Cadillac but most people think that it is because Cadillac does not have enough crossovers to offer right now.

The only crossover that Cadillac is offering right now is the XT5 model which is also one of their best selling models as it outsold the CTS, CT6 and XTS combined. However, one alone is not enough which is why Cadillac is looking to expand their crossover lineup with the new XT4 model.

The new Cadillac XT4 design will be based on the XT5. We are also expecting to see a similar interior design. Under the hood of the crossover will be a new series of engines as suggested by Cadillac.

More details will be revealed when Cadillac announces it at the New York Auto Show so stay tuned.

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