Ford is expected to build an all-new Ford Bronco sometime in the next few years. If you are optimistic of this endeavor you should think again given that its brethren have been dying off as each day passes.

It was just a few years ago when we saw the demise of the Hummer brand, a worthy rival to the like of the Ford Bronco. This followed closely with Land Rover announcing that the Defender would be the last of its kind and its next version would be more of a soft roader than the legend.

If that wasn’t enough, we also got a taste of the future Toyota FJ Cruiser which is more of a beach buggy offering practicality and more conveniences than any off-road capability. So what does a Ford Bronco get to go up against if all its rivals have already kicked the bucket?

With that said, while fans are excited for a new Ford Bronco. It may be a short-lived model and something Ford may be well aware of. Personally, we don’t see it coming.

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