When Ford first announced that the Ford Bronco will be coming back and that it will be build based on the Ford Ranger, some people think that the vehicle will come in looking like the Ford Ranger but more and more details seem to suggest that the Bronco will not be looking like the range when it arrives.

We know that the Ford Ranger will now be coming in with a new design that is based on the Ford F-150 and it does not look like the F-150 design is going to be a good fit for the Ford Bronco which means the Bronco could have a design of its own.

The Bronco will most likely keep its body-on frame design but we will have to wait to see what Ford has in mind for the new Bronco. Although the Bronco will not be sharing the Ranger’s design, it will be coming with the same off-road mechanism and powertrain as the new Ranger.

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