It looks like Ford is not going to shy away from the attention this time as the upcoming Ford Focus was spotted out in the open with barely any covers on.

Unlike the last few prototype, this Ford Focus was only covered in a thin vinyl. In fact, Ford made it clear that it was the upcoming Ford Focus by giving it a flashy vinyl with a #TimeToFocus on the side so nobody has to guess what is under it.

Because of the thin cover, we got to see the new Focus shape. Compared to the current model, the upcoming Ford Focus will have a cleaner design. They also fitted a new grille to match what the Fiesta is offering now.

At this point, we still do not know when they will be revealing the new Ford Focus but with the car cruising around with so little cover on, it is probably safe to assume that the unveiling is not that far off. Maybe at the Detroit Auto Show?

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