2019 will be an exciting year for Mustang as Ford prepares to offer a list of new options and features including the new California Special appearance package. Although it might be new, there is nothing here that we are not expecting to see.

As expected, the Ford Mustang California Special will come with fading side stripe just like the previous version but instead of having it at the bottom, it will now be in the middle of the door.

The new package will also come with stick-on scoops on the back and custom black grille with a Mustang badge on the side. The vehicle will be fitted with a five-spoke wheel and Performance Pack 1 front splitter.

Besides that, Ford will also be offering a rev-matching function for the 2019 Mustang GTs with a manual transmission. EcoBoost model with Performance Pack will be getting an active exhaust.

This is just some of the features Ford will be offering on the Mustang for 2019.

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