Ford has confirmed that they are bringing back the Ranger into the US through a new generation model and the midsized pickup is going to make its debut early next year. The teasers surrounding the next-gen Ranger has already highlighted on some exciting things to come with the pickup truck and today, we will be adding three more things to that list and they do not require any official confirmation.

They are as follow:

1. Size
The Ranger, despite being in the midsized segment, is going to be larger than usual and this is a trend we have seen with every other pickup truck which is a lot bigger than how they were a decade ago.

2. Mustang’s Heart
The Ranger will be sharing a lot of parts with the larger F-150 but Ford will ensure that the midsized pickup won’t surpass the F-150’s offerings. This means that we won’t be seeing the 3.5L mill coming with the Ranger as the pickup truck will be limited to the 2.3L EcoBoost sourced from the Mustang.

3. GM’s Thumbprint
Ford and GM may not be able to see eye to eye with each other but they have collaborated before to develop something exciting. The latest partnership saw the birth of a 10-speed automatic gearbox which has done wonders on the F-150. This gearbox is surely to get adopted by the Ranger.

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