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2019 Ford Ranger Recalled Once More


The 2019 Ford Ranger was recalled not too long ago and it looks like it will have to head back once more as Ford issued another recall for the 2019 Ford Ranger model.

The previous recalled over the HVAC blower motors suffering electrical short leading the vehicle to overheat. At that time, the solution was to give the vehicle a replacement blower motor but it turns out that the replacement blower motor also had the same issue.

The report claim that the replacement unit might have improper clearance between an electrical terminal and the base-plat slot which would lead to an electrical short. This can lead to overheating, melting, smoking and even catching fire.

The recall will affect 5000 units from the original 20,000 models. Hopefully this time, the fix actually solved the issue for the owners.

Author:Michelle Kade

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