We know that Chevrolet is working on a new Silverado right now so it is safe to assume that its twin, the GMC Sierra will also be getting an upgrade as well.

Spies have already spotted the Silverado getting tested out in the open and now they get to check out the GMC Sierra as it steps out in the open with only a thin camouflage on. Because of how then the camo stickers were, the images gave us all a clear idea of what the new bodywork will look like.

Looking at it now, it is clear that the GMC Sierra will look nothing close to the Silverado. The grille on the GMC is larger and it is clear that the fenders and beds are completely different on the two models.

GM has been trying to separate the Silverado and Sierra from each other and it looks like they are making it their priority this time. We still do not know when GM will be unveiling the BMW Sierra so all we can do now is wait.

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