Although Hyundai has been offering N models in other regions, the Hyundai Veloster N would be the first N model Hyundai has ever offered in the US. So what will be the first N model be offering.

Under the hood of the Hyundai Veloster N is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine that will be mated to a six-speed manual transmission. The engine will be offering about 275hp and 260lb ft of torque.

The Hyundai Veloster N will be fitted with a set of 18inch wheels but a 19inch wheel will be offered as an option as well.

On the outside, the Hyundai Veloster N will be fitted with a more aggressive front fascia with red accents, side skirts, faux rea diffuser, big wings and more. Customers can choose from four color options including black, white, red, and light blue.

The Hyundai Veloster N production will start this September.

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