Leaked images of the Jeep’s upcoming Grand Wagoneer shows that this vehicle would be far grander than the Grand Cherokee. The new Wagoneer is wider and taller, giving it a more luxurious feel.

Set to arrive as a 2019 model, the Wagoneer shares many similarities with the Grand Cherokee such as the chrome seven-slat grille and obvious headlights. It does, however, come with a new LED dot pattern that no other Jeep vehicle has had before. These similar LED elements can also be seen in the taillights as well as the large exhaust outlets.

The Wagoneer should have the all-wheel drive as a standard with a V8 engine. With this new model, it’s pretty obvious that Jeep is trying to rekindle memories of the 1980s wood-paneled Wagoneer.

More information will be revealed some time in 2018, nearing the unveil date of this highly anticipated 2019 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

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