When news about Mazda working on their rotary engine first leaked out, everybody assume that they were going to work on a new RX model and that is why the rotary engines were needed but it was later revealed that Mazda plans to use it to boost their electric cars and now we get to learn more about what the car will be offering when it arrives.

According to AutoRAI, Mazda will be releasing a new electric car in 2019 and that the vehicle will come with an electric engine that will be paired with Mazda’s rotary engine. The rotary engine will work as a generator for the vehicle.

It was also added that the vehicle will have a size that is similar to what the Mazda 3 is offering right now although there were some speculations that it might be a crossover as well.

Mazda has not announced or revealed anything officially yet. What do you think about this possible future for Mazda’s rotary engine?

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