The 2019 Tesla Model Y SUV is not a rumor and while we previously only got teaser images of the upcoming electric super SUV, it is time for the model in the flesh.

The folks over at AutoExpress have managed to get some exclusive photos of the Tesla Model Y. And all we can say is that it is worth its weight in drool.

While we don’t have the specs for the Tesla Model Y just yet one glance at it tells us it is no off-roader or a family carrying MPV. It’s a fast-looking all-wheel drive that will more than likely go head to head with the likes of the Jaguar F-Pace, BMX X6 M and Ranger Rover Sport to name a few.

Do check out the exclusive photos of the Tesla Model Y and sound off in the comments what you think of the super SUV. We’ll keep you posted as more news come about. Have a great weekend.

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