Some automakers are already making use of Alexa to allow their customers to use voice control to activate some of the features in the car but Toyota wants to take things further by integrating the Alexa into the vehicle.

According to Toyota, they will be offering a full Alexa voice-controlled app in their Toyota and Lexus model. They did not reveal which model will be fitted with the app or which model will be getting it first but most people believe that the Toyota Camry could be the first since the vehicle does with the EnTune 3.0.

Other Lexus models that might get the upgrade soon are the NX, LS, LC and RC models since those come with EnForm 2.0.

Toyota added that Alexa would be able to assist the driver in taking notes, setting reminders, activating apps, heating and cooling their house before they arrive and more. What do you think of this future upgrade?

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