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2020 BMW X2 Spotted Getting Some Minor Update


There is a lot to look forward to when the comes to the BWM X2 as the automaker promise that a plug-in hybrid and electric model will be coming our way but on top of that, it seems the vehicle will also be getting an updated designed based on the latest spy shots.

Don’t get too excited yet because the update is not major but from what we can see, the vehicle will be fitted with a new grille that suggests that it will be much bigger than the previous grille.

The headlights and bumpers were also redesigned but that is all the changes we can see on the outside. We did not get to see the inside but it is probably safe to assume that if there are any changes, it will be pretty minor.

Powering it should also be the same engines from the previous model as well as some new powertrain options which we should be learning more about soon.

Author:Michelle Kade

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