After years of waiting, Ford will finally be bringing the Ford Bronco back and while there are still details that Ford is keeping from us, they did reveal some details.

We are still trying to figure out how the Ford Bronco will look like but most people believe that the Bronco will keep its rugged and boxy design although Ford might also step out of the box and give us something completely different.

It is believed that the Ford Bronco would be coming with a four/five door setup instead of the two/three-door form. On the inside, we are expecting to see something similar tow hat the trucks have been sporting.

The Ford Bronco should be riding on the same platform as the new Ford Ranger. Turbo four engines will most likely be fitted under the hood with the new ten-speed auto transmission from Ford.

The Ford Bronco will most likely be arriving in 2020 and is expected to come in to compete with models like the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota FJ Cruiser and more.

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