There have been a fair share of reports on the upcoming Ford Bronco and it’s obvious that folks are excited for its revival in the US market. However, most of these reports are hinting that the Bronco will be coming with a solid axle, just like the Wrangler.

That may be so but fans have a different opinion. It looks like fans believe that the Bronco will be emulating the Ranger and not the Wrangler.

The Ford Ranger will be featuring the independent front suspension and rumors say that the Bronco will be sharing the base of the Ranger. This could be an indication that Ford may not give the Bronco the solid axle as the front suspension on the Ranger has gone down well.

That said, these are merely speculations for now as Ford has yet to confirm or deny anything pertaining to the Bronco. Even news that the Bronco is getting assistance from Dana should be taken with a grain of salt.

Well, do you think there could be a possibility that the all-new Ford Bronco would be offering independent front suspension?

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