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2020 Ford Escape Puts RAV4 Prime To Shame?


While the 2020 Ford Escape does have a lot to offer, does it really have what it takes to take down the RAV4 Prime?

It was announced this week that the 2020 Ford Escape will be able to return about 100 mpg-e which is a little better compared to the 94 mpg-e ratings that the Toyota RAV4 Prime is offering.

Ford also has the price advantage here with its Escape starting from below $35k. We do not have the actual numbers yet but the RAV4 does come with a $40k price tag.

While the Escape might have an advantage when it comes to efficiency and price, the RAV4 does have a little more range to offer to offer 42miles while the Escape will only have 37miles to offer.

The 2020 Ford Escape PHEV is expected to arrive later this year and will be offered on all trims besides the S and SE Sport trim.

Author:Michelle Kade

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