It was initially announced that Ford will be working on redesign the Ford Fusion for 2020 but based on a new leaked letter from Ford to the suppliers, it looks like that might not be happening after all.

According to the Detroit News, the letter suggests that Ford will be canceling their plans for a redesign and some people believe that it is because of the declining sales of sedan models. Of course, this does not mean that it will be the end of Ford Fusion.

Mike Levine, Ford’s spokesman later said that the Ford Fusion will remain an important part of Ford and that we will be seeing a few more new features for the Fusion in the future. He did not elaborate on what it is but at least we know that Ford is not ready to let go of the Fusion just yet.

Of course, it was still disappointing to hear that a redesign was not going to happen but maybe things would change in the future.

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