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2020 Geneva Motor Show Not Happening Anymore


Last week, the organizers of the Geneva Motor Show announced that the show will go on but it looks like they will have no choice but to cancel it now with the new orders from the Swiss authorities.

It was announced that all public and private gatherings attended by more than 1000 people will be banned and that mans the Geneva Motor Show will have to be canceled. Although the ban will be enforced until the 15th of March only, postponing it is not an option either.

It was explained that such a big show involves a lot of organization and it is not possible to organize another one in 2020. They did consider live streaming the press conference but later realize that that too will not be possible as it would take more than 1000 people to keep the convention center running.

It looks like those looking to show off their new model at the event will have to think this over.

Author:Michelle Kade

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