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2020 Mazda To Come With New Diesel Engine?


Some automakers might be ready to walk off from diesel engines and start focusing on EVs and Hybrid models but Mazda is not ready for that to happen yet as they automaker reveal that they are working on a new diesel engine for future models.

According to Mazda, they are working on a new approach to diesel engines as they want to show the world how clean and efficient diesel engines can actually be. No other details were given as to how they plan to make it cleaner and more efficient.

Mazda has made it clear that the internal combustion engine will continue to be the base power for 85% of their vehicles until 2035. We might see them paired up with some EV motors or hybrid drivetrain but they will still be there for some time.

As exciting as that sound, Mazda has been keeping their diesel-powered models far away from the US with the only option offered right now being the CX-5 but hopefully, we will see more of it in the future.

Author:Michelle Kade

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